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We may still be grappling with winter, but it’s never too early to think ahead to warmer days. This is especially true if you want extra time to plan that perfect spring wardrobe, complete with all the hottest makeup looks. To get you started in the right direction, here are some of the beauty trends that recently graced the runways for spring 2019.

1. Pastel Eyelids

Nothing says spring like soft, romantic, pastel colors – and the runways were alive with both pastel eye makeup and pastel hair colors. Shades of blush, turquoise, and peach reigned supreme on the catwalk, so be sure to add a pop of pastel to your spring makeup and wardrobe.

When it comes to experimenting with pastel eyeshadow, there’s no need to be subtle. Sweep shadow across your full eyelid, or add focus-pulling splashes around your inner eye area.

2. Romantic Tresses

Beauty Trends | Beverly Hills Beauty LabYou don’t have to rock pastel-colored hair to be on trend. Spring hair is romantic, feminine, and soft – in fact, it’s almost straight out of a period film. Picture soft, flowing waves, sculpted updos, lots of ribbons, and even fresh blooms.

Then, there are the braids: Long Rapunzel-esque plaits, cornrows, fancy braided updos, and little hippie-style braids hidden among natural waves are all excellent options.

3. All That Glitters

If you really want to add some “oomph” to your pastel palette, glitter beauty trends abound in spring. You’ll find the sparkly stuff spattered across eyelids, framing cat eyes, worn as a statement lip, or tousled throughout the hair.

So start subtle, and then see where your mood takes you. There’s no better way to make your mark then to leave a trail of glitter behind you, right?

4. The Eyes Have It

If you enjoy a more dramatic look, you’ll be happy to know that trends suggest eyes will be grey and smoky in spring. Eyeshadow and liner are seamlessly blended until the look is hazy, yet glamorous.

There are two variations on this look that was popular on runways for spring. Firstly, you can rock gunmetal smokey peepers, with no other “visible” makeup – even mascara is kept minimal and subtle.

The second look blends shimmering gold shadow in with the smokey eye, especially around the inner eye area. Play around and experiment with different looks – you’ve got plenty of time.

5. Au Naturel

Beauty Trends | Beverly Hills Beauty LabNatural makeup trends pair perfectly with the romantic themes which will likely dominate this coming spring. Think super-glossy skin with minimalist makeup in subtle pink and peach tones.

Or, go for a more Victorian-inspired look, with just a flushed cheek or rose-stained lip. Go for understated sweeps of color across your cheekbones, eyelids, and lips, and nix the dark eyeliner and mascara (or keep them minimal).

6. Slick Hair

The “wet-look” hair is looking to be huge this spring. Yes, it’s a tough look to get just right – but don’t rule it out just yet. Try experimenting in subtle ways.

Many runway beauty trends had only a slight “wet look” – enough to slick the hair back from the face, in what felt like a fresh-off-the-sand look. If you want to keep things understated, you can also turn to that old favorite – the salt spray – for just a little bit of a beachy touch.

7. The New Pixie

The pixie cut has prevailed in beauty trends for decades, and it never seems to really go out of style. For spring, the classic “Twiggy” cut retains its popularity, but there are also a few great twists using slightly longer lengths – such as bowl-cuts with long bangs, or impeccably coiffed 1960s bobs.

Beauty Trends | Beverly Hills Beauty LabFashion and makeup trends go hand-in-hand when it comes to a short hairstyle. After all, a slightly androgynous look puts focus on your face – so go bold with ruby-red lips, bright pastel eyes, or big earrings.

8. Scene-Stealing Lips

Spring lips aren’t just about sweet blush tones. If you’re going for a romantic look, this is spot-on. But if you want to make a bolder statement, the bold lip is in – from classic red to coral red, to high-gloss cherry vinyl. You might even consider shades of lilac, mauve, or burgundy. Keep your eyes subtle, and let those lips draw everyone’s attention.

9. Oversized Hair Accessories

If your hair just won’t do what you want, it’s always smart to have some hair accessories on hand. But fashion and makeup trends change so quickly, last year’s fashionable hair clips may not cut it this year.

Spring 2019 brings back some 80s favorites, including huge bows and thick fabric headbands in leather and metallics. Other fashionable options include daintier classics, like thin diamanté and satin headbands. And if you decide to follow the braid look this spring, you’ll definitely want to add a bow or two!

Beauty Trends | Beverly Hills Beauty Lab

Spring Forward with 2019 Beauty Trends

Beauty trends move so fast, it can be hard to know what’s currently in vogue. So, to keep things easy, be sure to plan ahead and stock up on some chic items. With these nine tips, you can start planning ahead over the winter and be WAY ahead of the curve come spring.

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