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Whether you have a long, smooth ponytail or a flowing head of curls, one thing is certain: that “swish-swish” feeling you get when you have long hair is a super-satisfying, enviable feeling. And if you’re looking for ways to grow hair fast – know that you’re not alone.

Here are seven ways to grow hair fast and maintain your goals of long hair, healthy hair, and optimal hair growth.

1. Eat Right

Vitamins and healthy foods are known to do a body good – but did you know they may also help grow hair fast? Staying on top of your diet is one of the easiest hair growth hacks because it helps your body in so many ways. Just as you might feel sluggish after eating fast food – and energized when you eat lots of fruits and vegetables – your hair responds to healthy food choices in a positive way, too. If your goal is long hair, make the right food choices the next time you’re at the grocery store.1

Research also suggests that foods with omega-3 and omega-6 can nurture your hair follicles.

Foods that are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 include oily or fatty fish like anchovies, herring, and salmon. Also, iron-rich foods, like leafy greens, red meat, and kidney beans, have proven to be hair-boosting powerhouse nutrients. One of the first symptoms of anemia, or iron deficiency, is hair loss and slowed hair growth. So, keeping your diet properly balanced can help in more ways than one as you work toward growing hair fast.2,3

2. Keep It Tight

While frequent haircuts and micro trims aren’t supported by any research as a way to grow hair fast, keeping your hair trimmed is a major step towards boosting healthy hair. When you trim your hair regularly, you minimize breakage by ensuring the majority of your hair follicles are free of split ends. This can lead to less damage and tons of bounce and body in your hair, which pays off big time if healthy, long hair is your goal.

3. Take a Break

Grow Hair Fast | Beverly Hills Beauty LabDo your hair a favor and take a break from your heat-powered hair tools and harsh hair products. Blow-dryers and straightening irons can cause hair follicles to become brittle and rough because they expose hair to extreme heat temperatures. Additionally, many “extreme hold” hairsprays contain alcohol, which can further dry out your hair. The best plan of attack when striving to grow hair fast is to ditch these tools altogether. But if you can’t go the natural hair route, start small. Switch to lower heat settings on your tools, or give your hair a break from heat-styling for one or two days each week.4

4. Add Supplements

Treat your hair growth routine as you would your gym routine – remember that progress happens naturally over time, and with a little supplemental help, you may see more success. When trying to grow hair fast, add these nutrients to your routine to see long hair in less time:

Biotin (also known as vitamin B7) is a nutrient that supports the keratin structures in your body. Keratin is a protein that is responsible for hair growth, as well as strong nails and healthy-looking skin. Biotin can be found in egg yolks, mushrooms, cauliflower, bananas, and organ meats.5

Marine proteins (also known as amino acids, the same proteins found naturally in fatty fish) have some very promising research supporting their success in growing hair fast.

In a three-month study, women who consumed marine proteins daily saw a noticeable improvement in hair growth, and they achieved their goal of long hair faster than those who took a placebo daily.6

Zinc is a nutrient that plays a huge role in the growth and hair repair – so keep an eye on your zinc intake to support your goal to grow hair fast. If oyster and pumpkin seeds aren’t really your thing, try upping your zinc intake through a supplement.7

5. Protect Your Tresses

How fast does hair grow? Not fast enough, if you’re eager for a head of flowing locks. A deep-conditioning routine might help. Give your hair some extra love by applying rich oils, like coconut or castor oil, to your hair after your shower. Coat your hair completely, then sit back and relax. Doing so may help protect your hair from damage. Less damage means less breakage, and less breakage can mean real progress on your hair-growth goals.

6. Take Cover

Grow Hair Fast | Beverly Hills Beauty LabWhile your diet and hair-care habits are important when it comes to growing hair fast, you should also be aware of the effect that UV rays can have on your tresses. Every time you go outside without a hat or SPF, you expose yourself to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These harsh rays cause sunburns, and they can also be extremely drying to your hair. Strong UV rays can penetrate the shafts of your hair, weakening strands and making them more susceptible to breakage at the root – often on the top of your head, where the sun hits the most. For an easy fix, try wearing a hat on days you know you’ll be in the sun.

7. Say Yes to Silk

This one is perhaps the most glamorous of these hair-growth hacks. Switching your pillowcase from cotton to silk is a very simple (and comfy!) way to preserve your hair growth by protecting your long hair from tangling while you snooze. This tip is simple but effective: fewer tangles means less breakage when you brush or comb your hair out. It can also help you maintain the hair growth you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

How to Grow Hair Fast: The Takeaway

Whichever tactic you take to grow hair fast, know that your goal of long hair is one that takes ongoing effort. But with these seven steps for growing long, healthy hair, you’ll be well on your way to fabulously long hair in no time.

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